200 year old people!

Last Thursday, at the University of Tennessee’s Master’s Graduate ceremony, I heard the featured speaker, Dr. David W. Schumann discuss the incredible advancements that are taking place in science and in the technology of human development. He stated that, due to the increase in the capabilities of implantable micro chips in the human brain, not only will our intelligence level increase drastically in the near future, but we can also expect the average life expectancy to increase to 150-200 years! Pretty cool thought.

Think of the possibilities!

You would feel like a teenager until you were 50.
If you had children at age twenty five, your children did the same and so on, you could be a great grandparent x 8!
You wouldn’t be considered middle age until 100!
With your AARP membership awarded at age 50, you could save millions on senior’s discounts at local restaurants.
Think of the money to be made on the stocks of drugs like Viagra!

Your face would still be breaking out at age 50.
If you retire by, say age 75, you would need to have enough money to live on for another 100 years!
Shuffleboard would become an Olympic event.
Mic Jaggar and The Rolling Stones would have another 100 years of rockin’ left!
Traffic in Florida would REALLY be nuts with all of the 175 year olds doing 45 on I-95!
Plastic surgeons would…well, you get the idea.

I think I prefer things the way they are.

One Reply to “200 year old people!”

  1. hillarious! who wants to live that long? it’s been interesting to start working out at the gym and listen to the messages of the trainers. something along the lines of “you will live longer if you work out faithfully.” And it just seems that the quality of life physically doesn’t matter too much (turning the spiritual corner) if people are dying spiritually still… I think the one about viagra sells and 175 year olds on I-95 are especially funny! since you wrote about viagra, you’ll probably get tons of spam mail about it now:)

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