At $4.00 a gallon, gas is like gold. I catch myself being careful to not spill a drop when I tank up.

Fuel for the vision God has given us is much more valuable than gas for my car. In order to see something great accomplished in life, you have to possess a never-say-die vision and some system of keeping that vision moving forward. The system is what I consider as the fuel.

Some things that motivate and nurture my leadership vision are:
• Team members who share the vision and participate in its development and fulfillment.
• Sound bites of people affirming the possibility and necessity of the vision.
• Glimpses of success: considering my vision includes positively impacting the lives of people, I get a charge out of seeing individuals and families making progress.
• Hearing about others who are fulfilling a similar vision. If they did it, we can do it.
• Stories of people overcoming obstacles similar to the ones we are facing.
• People who are willing to sacrifice; blood, sweat and tears, to see the vision succeed.
• Mile markers: signs along the way that let us know we are going the right direction and making progress. These are the little victories that make up the bigger vision.

This is my fuel, high octane and super high grade.
Without it, I have a tendency to lose sight of the vision, become discouraged and run out of gas. With it, I can go for miles.

What is your fuel? You had better have a full tank as you move forward.
Be motivated today.
And take time to motivate someone else.

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