so, what would you pray?

As I am prepping for the series that I discussed on Thursday, I am curious what you would ask God for. If God would answer one prayer that you could pray, not for yourself or your family, but for the church, what would you pray? Can you take a minute to share some ideas? Launch from the idea of “God, make us ______.” Fill in the blank and provide a little insight. No need to be profound, some simple answers would be great.

I really would like to hear back from you so give me some feedback. If we use your material in one of my messages, we’ll be sure to give you a cut of the proceeds. OK, I will at least mention your name. First name. Or initials.

Everybody have an awesome Memorial Day weekend and remember those who gave so we could be free!

2 Replies to “so, what would you pray?”

  1. COURAGE! I would ask GOD to give courage to the church. In order for the church to move forward, to connect people to GOD, to be able to do what GOD asks us to do, requires courage. We know the state of the world today, and as a Christian, I find it much easier to share with people who believe as I do than to put myself out there to those who don’t know GOD. It’s scary and rather unnerving! When I think of Jesus and the disciples, I believe that what GOD empowered to them the most, was courage. Courage to stand before others and proclaim HIS holy name, to tell of HIS love and HIS desire to have a relationship with HIS people. If the church has courage, it has the God-given power to move mountains, and in our world today, moving mountains is what it is going to take. Sharon

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