Indiana Jones (4)

We got to go see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on Thursday. I thought it was great. Very entertaining and exactly what I expected. Since then, I have heard several people who also saw it say things like, “it wasn’t very believable”, “I thought it was hokey”, and “it was too cheesy”. Come on people, it’s Indiana Jones, what did you expect? You pay $9 to see an old guy with a whip surviving falls in several waterfalls, live through a nuclear blast (in a refrigerator) and single handedly out-fight dozens of Soviet soldiers, you thought it was a true story?

It was precisely what I needed to see on Thursday. We had a tough week and a little unbelievable, far out entertainment was good for us. I had some laughs – it was nice. I would recommend it if you don’t take everything seriously.

I may go see the Incredible Hulk when it comes out. I wonder if it will be realistic?

Lighten up and smile!

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