good search

There are two factors that are currently creating a lot of opportunities, or pressure (depending on your perspective) regarding reaching out and helping the needy. 1) Our economy is in the tank and lots of people are hurting worldwide. 2) The unprecedented crises and natural disasters that are taking pace. These two realities open doors for the average person to make a decision to do something practical that can change a life.

One of the simplest ways I know of that can have big impact was introduced to me last year by my daughter. She writes about it on their blog. is as easy as it gets. All you have to do is designate the charity of your choice and then use goodsearch as your search engine. As ABC News puts it: “Give to charity just by searching the internet.” It’s that simple. I suggest you make it your homepage until you get used to the idea of using it.

If enough people will take small but measurable steps like this one, we will see some of the pain that is being experienced in our world alleviated.

Have a great week everybody!

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