strengths or weaknesses?

American motion picture director, writer, and producer, and playwright Dore Schary said: “A person who calls himself frank and candid can very easily find himself becoming tactless and cruel. A person who prides himself on being tactful can find eventually that he has become evasive and deceitful. A person with firm convictions can become pigheaded. A person who is inclined to be temperate and judicious can sometimes turn into someone with weak convictions and banked fires of resolution . . . Loyalty can lead to fanaticism. Caution can become timidity. Freedom can become license. Confidence can become arrogance. Humility can become servility. All these are ways in which strength can become weakness.”

Even our spiritual gifts can have negative expressions. If you are a leader, be careful. Your administrative abilities can easily become dictatorial tendencies. Vision can be interpreted as selfish ambition. Passion can be seen as pushy.

Evaluate yourself and allow someone close to you to provide personal evaluation. This will help keep you in balance and on target.

Be sure that your strengths remain strengths.

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