home again

We returned home safely from our brief trip to Central America. Much appreciation to everyone who gave prayer support.

One of the results of the trip is the usual attitude adjustment that I experience. I am humbled by the blessings that I have.

The children of New Life in Nicaragua and Casa Shalom in Guatemala are incredible. Each time we visit, we are amazed by their stories of recovery. They have been abused, neglected and abandoned. Still they smile and are able to respond with open hearts to those who reach out to them. Their resiliency is astounding.

Some prayer requests to please remember:
New Life has rented a larger house which they will occupy in a month or so. Pray that the missionary teams will be able to get the house ready in a short time and that the transition will be smooth.
Casa Shalom is in a time of growth and transition. Pray that financial support will increase and the needs of the home will be met.
Pray for the American missionaries in both places: The Bagwells in Nicaragua and the Hansons in Guatemala.

Enjoy a couple of videos. This hungry little dude left New Life orphanage with his twin brother while we were there – to go live with a family member who will love them. Success!


This is Sarai saying “whiskey” (what Guatemalan children say when having their picture taken!)


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