questions part 2

In follow up to Perry Noble’s list of questions from yesterday, I have developed a few for us to consider today. See what you think:

5. Who is influencing me?
I believe that one of the most crucial considerations for every leaders is that of influence. Who is speaking into your life? Who are you reading, listening to and following? Be sure to feed your mind and soul with good things, the things that will make you better.

6. Am I balanced?
An effective leader has to do lots of things well. We can’t lean too far either way. Are you focusing on the long term, as well as the short term? Are you task oriented AND people oriented? Am I as concerned about authenticity as I am charisma?

7. Are my relational priorities in place?
I often say, “if it isn’t right at home, it isn’t right.” Family is first ministry. You cannot be a good leader in ministry or in the marketplace if your familial relationships are a wreck.

8. Am I leaving a legacy?
We all want people to say good things about us, once we depart. Hopefully, it will be more than talk. Do the things today that will cause people to speak about your integrity once you leave them. And who will replace you when you are gone?

Maybe some of you have a few questions that leaders should ponder…how about some comments on this one?…

One Reply to “questions part 2”

  1. I appreciate and agree with your list of leadership attributes. One area of leadership that I recognized as vital is character. Daily one of my inventory checks asks, “Is my private life the same as the outward lifeI portray?” When I look upon the life of Jesus, I am in constant recognition of His character. My Spirit yearns to be as diligent, as courageous, and as true. Especially when no one is looking.

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