step up or step back

We are facing some real courage-requiring opportunities around here. It is exciting to realize that over the next few months, we will be going out on some limbs. Prayerfully, we are taking some risks that we believe will result in more people following Christ. We have made some decisions that will stretch us and make us grow. As we are navigating our way through these adjustments, I realize that not everyone likes to be challenged to grow. In fact, when some people are asked to step up to the challenges, they go the opposite way. I think that it is within the nature of some people to avoid situations that seem risky and require personal stretching.

This is not a bad thing. Variety in approaches to living is the way God planned it. But we should also be aware that there is a certain level of satisfaction in knowing that, when courage and confidence is needed in order to move into and through a challenge, we can be counted on to step up.

It is somewhat like a basketball game. When the game is on the line, when someone needs to come through for the team, who wants to take the shot? I suppose the world is divided between those who want to take the shot and those who would rather allow someone else do it. Both are necessary. But only one can lead when it is crunch time.

If you are in the middle of an opportunity to make a big difference, grab it. When a challenge is put to you to step up, prayerfully consider it. If you are not called to do it, don’t. But if God is asking you to step to the plate, step up with confidence.

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