email bankruptcy

At the time of this post, I have 1059 emails in my inbox. And that is just my church account. My personal account on aol has 79. I also have two other email accounts that I rarely use, glad to say they are not so active, one has 12 and the other, my iPhone account, is empty (that’s only because no one knows that address).

I am seriously thinking about declaring “email bankruptcy”. According to a recent aol article on email addictions, “More than 27% of the people asked are so overwhelmed by their email that they’ve declared ‘email bankruptcy’, deleting all their email messages to start anew.” If I thought I could live with the guilt, I would do it.

Here’s the funny thing…all those emails…I’ve read. I just don’t know what to do with all of them. I could file them, I have lots of files. But many of those in my in box don’t have an obvious place where they belong. But I hate to just delete them because I may need them. But then again, the oldest one is dated 12/05/06. Wouldn’t you think that if I would have needed it, I would have used it by now?

I’m sure this reveals something about my personality flaws. I’m also sure that a psychologist would have a blast diagnosing my neurosis. Please, any amateur shrinks reading this, refrain from making an analysis.

I think it just may be time for an email chapter 13.

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