how many leaders does it take…

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. I am thinking today about collaborative leadership, or the idea of multiple leaders working on a particular project, especially with the idea of working as a unit. Synergy is one word that should come to mind, but depending on your experience, a cooperative and successful venture may not be your first thought. Your first thought may be “completely competitive chaos”. This is probably because we have all seen the results of a group of head-strong leaders trying to work together, each vying for the top dog position. I have observed while guys shuffled for titles, jockeying for who gets the credit. Who gets to be in charge?

There are several models of cooperative leadership that we may observe. Each time these efforts succeed, you can be assured that the leaders involved possess some indispensible qualities. Qualities like:
Pure motivations
Self security

Team work is the idea. When strong leaders collaborate, great things happen. So take a look around. Could what you are doing be enhanced if you would team up with another leader? Some projects have to be solo, but I’m thinking that we can cover more ground and increase our effectiveness if we link arms with others of like heart. The word for the day: collaborate!

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