This week, I am working on a message series that we plan to begin on Sunday. The (not so) Perfect Family has been in the works for a while. It is born out of the concern that we have for families in our area (and everywhere) who are struggling. I meet so many people who are so hopeless when it comes to the idea of having a healthy family or a strong marriage. Too many have given up on the idea that God can actually use them to do something for Him. They feel that their families are just too messed up. So they quit. They quit hoping and believing and working.

I believe in the power of God to heal. I believe that He can take a really hurting person and hurting families and bring healing. I know he can utilize us to do something significant for Him, even though we are far from perfect.

Maybe you will want to follow along on our journey. We are planning four weeks of messages on topics like: recovery from estrangement, rebounding from relationship failure, returning from loss, and restoration from bondage. These are real issues that people are wrestling with. We aren’t going to candy-coat anything and we plan to deal directly with what God has to say about these topics.

If you live in the area, consider bringing a friend with you and attending. If you are too far away to be with us, check it out on the web. The messages are usually posted by Tuesday morning following the services.

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