“Big Pastor”

We got word tonight that David Lanier, a long-time friend and mentor passed away today. He and his wife Betty have been major influencers and supporters of ours for many years. The Laniers mean the world to Letha and I, they touched our lives deeply as we walked through the most difficult challenge we have ever faced. He pastored us through these challenges. David Lanier was a great pastor and a true leader. Some things that he planted in my life will remain, including a heart for world missions. He took me on my first trip, to Moscow, Russia in 1992. He gave me advice, encouraged me and challenged me. At one critical point in the development of our ministry, he told me, “prepare, prepare, prepare” (for whatever doors God opens in the future). That advice stuck and I have repeated it many times.
Our deceased daughter, Jenna, called David Lanier “Big Pastor”. And he was. He was big physically, big in character and big in influence.

Big Pastor will be missed.

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