covenant friends

I just returned from a two day retreat with a group of nine friends. It is what we call our Covenant Group. We are basically a small group that has been together for about 3 years. We are all pastors and meet once a month for 3 hours to share life and ministry. Once a year, we spend a few days together praying and discussing our work.

These guys have become great friends. We are a diverse group with lots of ministry approaches represented. There are some younger guys and a couple are more seasoned. We live in big cities and small towns. We serve larger churches and smaller churches. We have committed to pray with and for each other, to hold one another accountable and to do what we can to encourage effective ministry in one another.

There is incredible value in groups like this. There is much to be gained in accountability to and responsibility for other people. I believe that everyone should have some type of covenant relationship.

If you are not already doing this, give it some serious consideration.

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