say “yes”, say “no”

One of the most difficult to develop skills of an effective leader is learning how and when to say “yes” or “no”. How does one determine, is there a list of rules that we can follow that will help us decide what is important and what should fall by the wayside?

In my experience, most leaders have a tougher time with the “no” aspect. A productive lifestyle is usually full of activity and it is very easy to operate in the mode of “full-speed ahead”. This is cool and lots of fun but can sometimes be counter-productive.

I have developed a simple little list for you to consider as you move through your leadership day. Maybe this will be some groundwork to help us all know when to pull the plug or when to stay in high gear. It should at least start some wheels turning.

When considering the yes/no question, run through this list:

Considering the opportunity…

Is it crucial to the fulfillment of your vision? say yes
Is it part of your primary calling? say yes
Does it complement your particular gift mix? say yes
Does it have a multiplying factor? (doing the thing would have exponential results) say yes
Are you being pressured by outside forces? say no
Is it something that is being done, because it has always been done? say no
Would you be doing this simply to please people? say no
Does it take away from your ability to focus on your primary responsibility? say no
Is everyone, or anyone else doing it? say no
Is it fun? say yes
Is it a drag? say no

Obviously, there are qualifiers for all of these scenarios, but you get the idea.

Come on, use your good judgment. Say “yes” or “no” but whatever you do, get on with the thing God has called you to do!

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