If you are a regular reader of my blog, you have noticed a distinct reduction in the number of posts recently. I have been suffering with a serious bout of vertigo. Vertigo is more than the recent overrated song by U2. It is basically dizziness. On Monday afternoon, I started feeling it coming on and I have battled it all week. Vertigo usually is accompanied by nausea and yes, I have had my share. The docs tell me that it is probably an inner ear problem.

I ask for your patience and prayer while we figure out what is going on. I have some in-depth tests in a couple of weeks to try to find some solutions. I’m not sure what will happen until then. I can’t drive, and reading/writing is a challenge on its own.

So hang in there, I‘ll be back. Until then, I’ll try to function the best I can in my spinning world.

6 Replies to “vertigo”

  1. I sympathize as well. I’ve had a bout from some type of inner ear infection a couple of years ago. Hopefully, it’s not Meniere’s disease.You’re in my prayers.Regards,Tom Moher

  2. Come to think of it…I thought you looked kinda wobbly on Sunday, thought perhaps that grape juice wasn’t exactly grape juice if you know what I mean…ha…totally joking at your expense:). Seriously speaking, I have had trouble with my ears since I was born. I have had tubes several times and am hard of hearing. In fact, I had to stop using my Bluetooth because I was getting a tone/dizziness myself. Anyhow, I hope my relating to you redeems my sarcasm. Ok…Perhaps not? But I will be praying for you my brother. Blessings.

  3. anything to get out of doing the dishes… or maybe it’s an overdose of the lunch combo at Yu-Mi? maybe as God forces the main worker-bee to lay-low, others in the congregation will be forced to step-up… I like it Rick. Great plan!! Brilliant Idea!!I think how tough it must be for someone that does most of the lifting to sit on the sideline and delegate… it is tough. I’m sure of it. Any update Rick on the overdose of sushi or the tests??

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