make it memorable

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? The usual…turkey, pumpkin pie and football? Awesome, sounds like a great day. But I would suggest adding something to your day. Try to spend even a couple of minutes serving. There are lots of soup kitchens and community meal functions that could use your help. There are probably a couple of college kids you know who can’t go home for the holiday who would love an invitation to dinner. There may be a senior citizen, or even a nursing home that could use your help.

During the most difficult holiday season of our lives, Letha and I invited a complete stranger to spend the day and meal with us. We knew nothing about him, only that he had no place to go for the day so we had him over. It was a little awkward. But it sticks out in my mind. I don’t remember that guy’s name or even what he looked like. I don’t think we ever saw him again. I just know that he was in need of a family for the day and we reached out to him. I’m glad we did.

I get amused by the skeptics who say things like, “serving a meal on Thanksgiving is so cliché, how about every other day of the year?”. OK, my question is, are you doing anything for others the rest of the year? If so, great, keep it up. If not, I like my plan better.

Don’t wait until Thursday, plan now, make a call, set something up. And please keep in mind that the same people who need you on Thanksgiving will need you next week, month and year.

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