mark the unremarkable

Generally, it is the big events that we remember best. The holiday gatherings with the family, the expensive vacations, weddings, and the like. Much of life is event-driven. Marketers encourage us to focus on special times that we will remember for a long time. Because of this, we sometimes feel that we have to make big plans or spend a lot of money in order to make a memory. There are a few problems with this approach: Most of us can’t afford to live like this so these occasions are rare. Family and friends are spread out all over the world so getting together is difficult. Many times when we do get together, our special celebrations are messed up by less-than-perfect circumstances. These events, although fun, don’t represent our real lives very well. Sometimes, after all of the buildup, we are left empty when the party is over.

I am thinking that we would all be better off if we could hang on to the average days. The “nothing special happening” times when you just get to spend time with the people you love. It doesn’t take a lot of money and it doesn’t have to be a big deal. Just time together.

I also think we learn the value of the everyday, nothing special times, when they are taken away from us. So hang on to them while you can.

It is the everyday things we should cherish. Take some time to mark the things that otherwise may go unnoticed.

One Reply to “mark the unremarkable”

  1. The angels said, “Peace on earth.” I think they may have been speaking of the post-Christmas season. I look forward to Christmas, but appreciate the following months for the peaceful, quiet, times. The world is already pressing us toward the next commercial exploitation, but we can resist and remain it the peace of our Lord Jesus My grandkids upped my computer skills. teaching me how to comment and even IM; wow!

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