what’s my hobby?

I laugh when I am asked by so many people, “so what do you do on your day off?” It seems that lots of people want to know what a pastor does for a hobby. For years I have awkwardly tried to answer the question.

In the past, I have spent a lot of time outdoors. While in Minnesota, we fished a lot, simply because it was convenient and relaxing. We left Minnesota and the 10,000lakes. I have spent a lot of time running. For years I ran trails and long distance races, some competitively. I had some back issues and had to quit running.

Now, we have picked up a strange hobby. It doesn’t sound very masculine but Letha and I buy clothes for the kids in Guatemala. Most Fridays (our day off) we run around and look for bargains on clothes that we can take to the orphanage on our next trip. That’s why I laugh when people ask me what I do for a hobby. It usually takes too long to explain. And my male friends would make fun of me for shopping for a hobby.

Oh well, it beats knitting!

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