Matthew 10-18

Today’s chapters for Quest (complete the New Testament in 31 days!):
Matthew 10-18

A few things caught my attention today as I was reading:

Jesus spoke some very difficult and challenging things in the early chapters of our reading, very challenging to say the least. But then He followed with the very familiar, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light” (11:30). It doesn’t always feel easy and light, does it?

In 14:13-14, we see Jesus ministering through deep personal pain. His cousin and friend (John the Baptist) had just been killed and Jesus tried to go to a private place, I assume to mourn His loss. The people followed Him. And He ministered to them even though he was in sorrow. Very moving.

I also noticed how, on several occasions, Jesus seemed to run out of patience with His disciples. Makes me wonder about how He feels about me when I just don’t get it, even after walking with Him for so long…

Thanks for staying up with the reading. We will complete Matthew tomorrow!

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