Today’s reading: Acts!

Let’s read Acts chapters 1-9 together.

If you don’t have time to read the entire book, you may want to listen to my message from last Sunday. I summarized the books. Just so you know, even though I read the book in prep of last Sunday’s message, I am reading it again this week, along with those of you on the Quest. I try to be a person of integrity.

Acts is the record of the beginning of the church. Since I have read the book through recently, I asked God to give me fresh eyes this time around. And I noticed something I don’t recall from before: There is an incredible amount of Old Testament references in Acts. Both Old Testament scriptures and stories fill most of the chapters, especially when the guys are preaching. I think this connects the story of Acts with the rest of the bible and with believers of the future. God’s plan for the outpouring of the Spirit and the way that He used the church to shake up the world is something that is planned in eternity past for believers of every century.

On Friday we will read Acts 10-18. Pray for fresh eyes.

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