Friday, March 13 reading: Acts 10-18

Today, you may want to try something different, maybe listen to the Bible on-line.

If you are reading – let’s go!

The development of the early church continues. Amazing that these people were so resilient. The opposition that they received and the persecution that followed would stop most people. It was an just an accepted part of their walk with Christ. Acts 14:22 “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God,” they said”. (NIV)

One of my favorite stories in Acts is Peter’s escape from prison in chapter 11. It is a little funny, how the people responded when he showed up at their prayer meeting.

A similar escape happens with Paul and Silas in chapter 16.

I guess I am wondering why James, the brother of John. did not escape death. (Acts 12:2)

On another interesting note, Herod died a very strange death, didn’t he? (12)

On Saturday, we will close the book on Acts and get ready for some theological training from the Book of Romans.

Thanks for going along with us. Blessings will come.

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