in between

It is early Saturday morning and I can’t sleep. We had our Good Friday service last night, Clayton Watson did a phenomenal job bringing the Word. And although Clayton reminded us that Jesus didn’t stay on the cross or in the grave, as we observe Holy Week, Jesus is now “in between”. That is on my mind this morning.

Tomorrow will be lots of fun for the kids at our Eggstravaganza (massive egg hunt), as it should be. I think the kids know how to keep things in perspective.

And in 48 hours, some of us will be on the beach, getting set up for the Sunrise Service.

By noon on Sunday, the worship will be over and life will go back to normal for most of us.

I hope I recall the feeling of this “in between” morning. What Jesus did for us on the cross and in the tomb can’t be overlooked or overstated.


One Reply to “in between”

  1. Profound.As a kid, my father always said, Jesus is your ticket to heaven. I took it literally and was waiting for the opportunity to purchase my ticket. I felt it was my responsibility. I remember that I just yearned for that moment so much. Maybe I thought that I was going to be asked by someone at church or I’d one day receive a form in the mail, but it wasn’t clear to me exactly where that “ticket” came from.As a parent (or at least a mother in training), I am reminded almost on a daily basis, that my God has my ticket and my boys are an everyday reward of Jesus mercy on my stumbles. I don’t have to purchase a ticket, Jesus took care of it. He puts just the right people, situations and beautiful rewards in my life so that those in between moments are bareable and even miraculous as long as I keep searching for Him in everything I do. I am holding on to my ticket. my life everlasting.Thanks Pastor Rick, God moves us through you.Paola Tardiff

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