Why Samson?

The following is based on the Old Testament book in the Bible, Judges, chapters 13-16. It also connects with a teaching series at Maranatha Church, The Tough Guys of the Bible.

Samson, did you not recognize the value of the gift that God had given you from birth?
Samson, why could you not control your lust for women?
Why did you disrespect your wife so much that you would leave her and then return, presuming that she would be there, just waiting for you?
(On a side note: How did you catch 300 foxes?!)
Why were you so manipulated by the phrase, “you don’t love me”?
Why didn’t you learn from your mistakes? You kept repeating them! You kept falling for the same tricks!
Why did you stay with women who so obviously wanted to destroy you? Was the sex that great? Were you so insecure that the negative attention was better than no attention? Was your conquest of women more important than your conquest of God’s enemies?
Did you ever stop to wonder why God allowed you to remain so strong, when your life was so out of control? Did you not see this strength as a true gift to be treasured?
Samson, why did you squander such an awesome opportunity to do something so great for God?
Samson, think of what could have been. How much more could you have accomplished for God, how much longer could you have lived? How much greater could your life have been, if only you have remained separated unto God!

Why modern day “Samson”?

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