sports or prostitution?

It is getting tougher to be a sports fan these days. The team with the money wins. There is no loyalty. Player swap franchises like we change shoes. The message sent by these organizations is “win or be traded”. Fans get all excited when the club signs a new player. They love the new guy. But they hated him last week when he played for another team in the division and they will hate him again next year when he is playing for their rival.

The idea of Brett Favre playing for the Minnesota Vikings is a complete joke. Having spent eleven years in Minnesota, and knowing how much those fans hate anything Packers, I say the team stood to lose a lot of credibility if they had signed him. He would have dropped Vikings fans like a sack of potatoes as soon as a better offer came along.

My baseball Cardinals recently traded for and signed a bunch of guys from other teams. Everybody is all excited. Team pride, Cardinals Nation, blah, blah… we are paying big dollars to guys who care nothing about us. The moment they get a better offer, they are out of here! Don’t believe for one minute that they are committed to anything other than money. A pretty clear case of prostitution.

Is it any wonder why we, as a nation, struggle with loyalty?

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