when someone you love is hurting

Over the past few months we have seen too many people in pain. Some good friends have suffered some pretty severe sicknesses. Along with the obvious concern for these sick people is our compassion for those who love them. We have observed some very concerned family members. It is a tough thing to watch someone you care about suffer. A common statement we have heard is, “I wish I could take their place.”

It is normal to struggle emotionally when a loved one is ill. But I think there are some valuable concepts to learn through these experiences. Among them is the idea that God loves you and your loved one very much. He feels your pain. He is touched with the same discomfort that you are. And He is with you every step of the way.

Another important thing to know is, God feels the same way about you as you feel about your family members. He says, “I will take their place.” That’s why He died on the cross – it was so we could live. He doesn’t like it when His kids suffer. So He did something about it. He eliminated our eternal suffering by giving His life. Now that is an important concept to grasp.

God cares. A lot.

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