i can’t afford U2

I got pretty excited this week when I learned that U2 was scheduled to come to Tampa in October. I have been a fan for years but all the more so since Bono has been such a vocal proponent of active involvement by the church in addressing the needs of the world. I have heard him say some very provocative and challenging things to Christ-followers. He tells us to speak out on behalf of the marginalized, get involved in the AIDS crisis in Africa, feed a hungry child. Make a difference. Way to go, Bono.

So Letha and I started looking at our schedules and checking on-line for tickets. Pretty quickly, I realized that I would have to settle for iTunes. Ticket prices start at only $30 or so but you have to be willing to sit in the nose bleed section completely BEHIND the band. Move forward, prices go up. Move around the front, they go up more. Plan on getting close enough to actually see the band and, POW!, they sock it to you. Seriously, we saw lots of tickets for over $1,000 per. We starting adding up ticket prices (mid-priced ones), gas to travel over, food and probably one night’s lodging and we were at $500.00 before we knew it. I just can’t do it. No way am I paying $500 to hear a band, no matter who it is.

I hope Bono would approve, I would rather send the cash to someone who needs some food or clean water. I am not criticizing the people who are buying tickets. I am saying that I couldn’t sleep if I spent that kind of money on a concert.

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