fusion conference

I am getting ready to attend the Fusion Conference in Clearwater, Florida this Friday and Saturday. This a special time designed for young pastors. I know what you are thinking: “who invited you, old man!?” Here’s the thing: I am not a going as just a participant, I am also speaking at a session. So there, that explains it!

Seriously, this is a really a great event that brings life to my work. The idea of sharing with young and energetic leaders ignites something in my heart. My topic on Friday night is “ministry in the new reality“. I plan to share with these guys and gals how the future of ministry is going to be way different than the past. Our definition of “successful ministry” has to be adjusted. We used to think about large buildings with a cross on top, large pastorals staff, and lots of big programs. Because of seismic changes in our culture, that stuff may not work anymore. Instead, we have to take a more organic approach. More ministry has to be done with fewer resources. The ministry has to be accomplished by the average person, not some paid professional. Our economy won’t allow for spending lots of money on facilities. It is time to rethink what ministry looks like. I am pretty excited about the topic and about the opportunity to talk to these leaders. I would appreciate your prayers that it all accomplishes what God desires.

I’ll keep you posted as we get to the weekend.

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