hoping for some new listeners

Tomorrow I will be sharing a message about how Christ gives new life to whoever comes to Him. I have pushed pretty hard with the people who are connected with our church family the idea of including people who normally wouldn’t come to a church service. We’ll see if it worked.

Here’s the situation: I don’t like the idea of serving a meal to someone who has already been eating too much. When there are hungry people, it seems a little selfish to keep gorging ourselves. The message on Sunday will be geared toward people who have not heard or have not yet accepted the message that we can trade in our old life for a new one. Life Swap is a basic message of what a relationship with Jesus Christ is all about.

Don’t get me wrong, I will preach the message that God gave me, no matter who is there. But I really hope to not be trying to describe renewal and hope only to people who have been walking with Christ for 40 years. A simplistic comparison would be trying to describe an awesome steak dinner to a guy who eats steak every day. Yawn!

I suppose it is possible that someone could be sitting at the table every meal for many years and have never taken a bite. In all likelihood, there are some church members who don’t have a personal relationship with Christ, at least there isn’t much evidence in some lives of that relationship. So I think it is best if I just deliver what’s on my heart and let God sort out who needs to respond.

If someone gets tired of eating steak all the time, maybe they will share it with someone who is hungry.

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