cross cultural opps

I am leaving in a couple of hours to speak at another Anniversary Celebration for a church, this time up in Port. St. Lucie, Florida. This church is comprised primarily of Jamaican believers. The pastor is a good friend, Michael Higgins.

I am enjoying these opportunities to interact with and speak to cross-cultural faith families. It is an honor for me, considering they could invite whomever they wish. I am praying that what I have to share will be of some benefit to them as they celebrate this milestone.

I am also praying that God extends our opportunities locally for cross-cultural work. At a childrens’ event at Maranatha today, several Hispanic kids and parents came from the neighborhood. This reflects a recent change in makeup of our community. We have been hoping for several years that we could open up ministry to this segment of our culture. This recent activity causes me to want to gear it up!

Let’s be the family of God!

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