4 things we learned yesterday

We launched our new series yesterday, “The Fresh Prince of Egypt“, a study on the life of Moses. If you were not able to be with us, you can listen to the message here. It was a pretty good day at Maranatha, and a couple of people requested that I post the summary points of the message. Here they are:

-God is concerned for hurting people, He hears their cry.
-God selects unlikely people with questionable pasts to accomplish His plans.
-We may need to go through a season of “exile” (trials, a desert experience), to get prepared to be utilized by Him.
-God speaks. God tells His plans to those who will listen.

Kick these ideas around in your head this week. Next Sunday, we will take another look at the development of Moses as a liberator. The theme will be, “Acquiescing to God”. Make plans to join us if you can.

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