season of giving

I don’t recall a past Christmas when I have seen so much giving by so many people. Every place I go, I am hearing stories of generosity and goodwill. In the last few days, I have spoken with people who are adopting entire families who are hurting financially this year. I have talked to people who are feeding the homeless. A single woman we know is buying gifts for a young widow and her four kids. A wealthy individual we know gave thousands of dollars to a food pantry. An unemployed woman asked for the name of a family that she could help with gifts this Christmas. A guy from our church made a trip to the Philippines and left some much needed resources with the people there. I met a guy who was dressed as Santa who was involved in the Toys for Tots drive in our area – for the last three days, he has been making motorcycle runs and they have provided gifts for hundreds of kids. This is all just in the past couple of days.

Tomorrow, our Executive Pastor, J Simms is going to Nicaragua to take relief supplies to New Life Nicaragua, an awesome orphanage in Managua.

What is up with all of this benevolent activity? Basic reasoning would say that, when money is tight, we give less. But the Spirit of Christmas dictates something else. I think that this time of year brings out the best in most people, hopefully, this is the “real” us. Hope is being renewed in the hearts of many people.

The economy is in the tank but our hearts are in the right place. The love of God supersedes recession. With only 12 days left until Christmas, we can do a world of good and make a huge difference. I encourage you – give generously. Donate your time, your money, your care. It is the season of giving.

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