Haiti relief activity

Maranatha’s relief effort to help the earthquake victims of Haiti is in full swing. We have partnered with World Harvest Mission which runs an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. The center is located strategically right next to the airport which will serve our efforts incredibly well. Tomorrow morning, a 40 foot container will be placed in a prominent position on Maranatha’s campus and we will start loading all of the awesome items that have already come in. As soon as the container is full, it is on its way!~

Take a look at this press coverage we received.

We have discovered some pretty awesome details about the orphanage. We have supported this group in the past. The name of the orphanage is New Life Childrens Home and the founder is Miriam Frederick. Miriam attended our church until she went to work in Haiti. One of our Elder’s, A.T. Lowery, helped construct the orphanage many years ago. Now we get to again work hand-in-hand with these awesome people who are placed by God to make a real difference. I see this as God opening a huge door for us so that we can be used by Him to help desperately needy people.

If you want to help:
Bring new clothes, shoes and various other usable items by our campus or to another drop off site.
On Sunday, we will have a special prayer for victims of the quake. Please join us.
Some are giving financial support to this project. Details on how to do that are found on wecanshareit.org.
Please send this as a link to anyone in Palm Beach County who may be interested in helping.

God bless the people of Haiti and God bless you for helping them!

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