God is good

This is a picture I took last summer while on a day trip to Hutchinson Island. I was doing a little surf fishing and photog.

I recall that day as an especially peace-filled day when I was keenly aware of God’s love. Not sure why that day was different than most but it was. God was good that day.

God is good.
This statement is unaffected by any changes that come.
This truth has always been true and it remains true forever.
No matter the crisis, the surprises, the changes, God remains good.
When I feel it (God’s goodness) He is good and when I don’t feel it, He is good.
His love to us is not impacted by our emotions or feelings or moods.
It is also not affected by our failures and sin and tendency toward evil.
Even when things are very bad in the world, and they are, God is very good.
God is good – all the time.

“You are good and do only good.” Psalms 119:68 (NLT)

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