what it’s all about

I had a meeting last night with a newer guy in our church. He had sent me an email and hesitantly asked to sit down with me to discuss what was going on in his life. Understand that when this happens, I am generally hoping for something good but prepared for the opposite. Too much of the time, when people want to talk to me personally, things aren’t going very well. (Could give me a complex!)

This guy was so excited to tell me that, in a recent worship service at Maranatha, he had made the decision to give his life to God. He had accepted Christ and his life was in the process of being completely transformed. He was meeting with me to tell me that God was asking him to do some things with his life and he was completely surrendered to the plan of God. He was asking me for direction and advice. He was presenting himself for accountability.

Was I ever glad to hear that! In the middle of a strenuous week, when I wasn’t necessarily seeing a lot of positive results from our efforts, God sends a guy along to, in essence say, “it is working!”.

This is success. This makes us know that we are doing some things right. This inspires us to pick up the pace.

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