3 services, 2 messages, 1 church

Last Sunday at 4 AM, I knew something was changing. I was wide awake with the feeling that God was adjusting some of my plans. As the day went on and we worked our way through our worship services schedule, I realized what was happening.

We worship in two locations, one in Palm Beach Shores, our 7:00 Sunrise Service, and the other in Palm Beach Gardens at our main campus. The main campus includes two services, 9:00 and 10:45. As a rule, I preach the same message at all three services. Poor Letha has to hear the same thing 3 times!

Tomorrow will be different. God has instructed me to preach something different at our Palm Beach Shores location. The main campus will feature the conclusion of The Nearness, a series where we have been discussing the dynamics of worship. At 7:00 tomorrow, I will be bringing a message called Much is Given. I will be talking about all the blessings that God has provided for us and, as a challenge, what we are supposed to do with those things.

So today I am wrapping up two messages. Tomorrow I will preach three times, in two one locations, two different messages to one church. If you feel so inspired, you could come to more than one service, if for no other reason, to acquire a heart of compassion for what Letha has to endure every week.

For service locations, see: Palm Beach Gardens, and Palm Beach Shores.

Happy weekend to all!

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