Easter 2010

Our observation of Easter is now history. It has been a busy week and a lot of hard work and prayer went into our activities. Our staff and volunteers served with passion – thanks so much to each one of you! I do believe that it was worth it. We had several people who made the decision to follow Christ. We made some new friends. We reached out into our community and put the love of Christ on display. We enjoyed four very inspirational worship events (that were packed!) that have the potential of changing lives.

A ton of people who are part of our church family were out of town and missed what God did. We got some complaints – about people sitting in their chairs, about us not serving coffee and donuts, about us changing a few things from the past. But we are not going to let those things keep us from celebrating an amazing week. I do believe that it was worth it. Easter is a victory! We believe we were successful in carrying out the mission of Christ! That is victory!

Now my pastor’s heart kicks in (if you were at the main campus for Easter – you’ve seen my karate kick!) and I am praying that this is more than a once-a-year shot. I am asking God to change lives and to connect people with His church. We will then know what success is.

God bless you all – let’s live resurrected lives!

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