a night out with the boys

I am going to a baseball game tonight with a bunch of guys, mostly friends from Maranatha. We are going to see the Palm Beach Cardinals play the Dunedin Blue Jays. This is high single A league ball, two teams in the Florida State League. A few of the players from the Cardinals team are involved with our church and we want to go support them, as well as enjoy a night a baseball.

In addition to the game, what is interesting is how men respond to social events. We basically don’t. Generally, guys are very hesitant to commit to anything that may require that they interact with others and especially, heaven forbid, someone they don’t know very well. This is no revelation.

Baseball is safe. You don’t have to talk. You don;t have to look anyone in the eye. You don’t have to think about clever stuff to say. You can just sit and watch, and if you like, yell something every once in a while. Nobody minds if you keep score on your own or go to the mens room several times. It’s safe.

Men and communication and relationships are complex. We like simple, especially when it comes to friends. If you’re in the area, come on out and join us. If not, I’ll let you know how the game turns out.

Who knows, we might even actually talk to someone while we are there!

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