a poignant moment

Letha and I were in a large worship gathering last night. At the conclusion of the teaching of Scripture, the speaker mentioned that he would like to pray with those who had children who were not living for Christ. He asked for a show of hands and asked that these individuals come forward for prayer.

I was stunned to see how many pastors came forward for prayer. These people are leading local churches in faith development, but their children are without a relationship with Jesus. It was a sobering and heartbreaking moment.

A few points I took from this experience:
I am very thankful that our adult daughter loves God and lives for Him.
We can lead thousands but if those closest to us do not follow, we fail.
We need to pray for spiritual leaders in our communities, the task is not easy.
Just beneath our personal relationship with God, our relationship with our family is top priority.
God has no grandchildren.


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