a little something I picked up at the beach

I got a call from a friend this afternoon. I was in the process of eliminating material from tomorrow’s message. I always have too much material and do last minute “cuts”. Some things the guy said caused me to want to pull back from my prep and change the scenery. So I went over to the beach and took a run and a quick swim.

The ocean was turquoise and the sky purple/blue, my polarized sunglasses helped with the effect. The clouds were sweeping on the horizon and it was a gorgeous day. While I ran, I was thanking God that I live in such a beautiful place. This is what came next:

If God can put this scene together, hold it together for thousands of years and preserve it for as long as He wants, don’t you think He can handle the rest of the details in your life?

I felt pretty small and insignificant. God doesn’t need me to run His universe. I can relax, do what He tells me to do and leave the results to Him. This is a refreshing reminder to me. God really is in control.

With that being said…

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  1. Marvelous!!!Michael said something sort of similar. My family was visiting from Colombia and we took them to snorkel (their first time and maybe last!) while we were there, my cousin says to Michael "thank you for this experience, my children & I felt like we were swimming in the aquariums of Seaworld!" and Michael said, dont thank me, let's thank God, He made this paradise we live in!"He also sports a pair of polarized sunglasses, isnt it wonderful to be able to look past the glare on the waters surface and into the deep?! Gods in control and I love that too!

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