don’t ask, I won’t tell

I’ve been wearing this bracelet for almost eight weeks and no one, no one has even mentioned it. Nobody has asked me why I am wearing it or where it came from. I am not wearing it to get attention or to be noticed. But I am really surprised that, since I never wear bracelets, no one has noticed.


4 responses to “don’t ask, I won’t tell

  • B DuBose

    You are incorrect, Pastor Rick. I did notice it. And I don't believe I'm the only one who has spotted it. I just didn't ask what it represents. I first caught sight of it the Sunday following your return from Peru (if memory serves me correct). I thought if we needed to know–you'd tell us. But now that YOU'VE brought it up–do tell!

  • tardifffamily

    Come to think of it, you didnt notice my new earrings last weekend either.~ but how are we to know that you dont wear bracelets. It is the "latest" fad and you are the trendy kinda guy. I hope you know we're kidding, and now we're super curious to know the meaning of it!

  • (rick)

    Paola, Actually I did notice your earrings but I thought you were just borrowing them from Mike.

  • (rick)

    The bracelet has only sentimental value. Jessica tied it on my wrist on the first day of our Inca Trail Hike. We bought it at our first resting place from a young Indigenous mom who was selling stuff she had made. Every time I see it, I am reminded of the special time we enjoyed in Peru. I plan to leave it on until it rots off. How long does cheap yarn last?

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