God Heals . . . tomorrow

It will be interesting to see how people react to our worship services tomorrow. We are dealing with some raw topics. God Heals is a comforting and therapeutic series that is taking us into spiritually healthy places. But it is necessary to expose the hurt before healing can begin.

Tomorrow we are talking from John 4, the woman at the well. I’ll be sharing how Jesus healed her life and how He also wants to heal ours. We are including a testimonial video from Brian Welch, former guitarist for Korn. Check it out.


Brian Welch – Edited from Maranatha Church on Vimeo.

Be with us tomorrow, if you can. If not, maybe give a listen online here.

Sunday evening update: It was great day of ministry at Maranatha. The response to the message was in-depth. People prayed and confessed some very painful past experiences and saw the healing hand of God. We have one more week of God Heals. This is a good season of God’s work.

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