one sign of a good church

This Sunday, we will enjoy a membership luncheon at Maranatha Church. This is a time for us to discuss the topic of church membership with some great people who have more recently been involved in the life of the church.

Church membership is a dicey topic these days. People seem hesitant to join the church. “Membership” in a church is a frightening proposition for lots of folks. Joining a gym or a warehouse shopping club is not a big deal but commitment to a church is apparently a mine field for some.

That being said, I plan to share with our new prospective members one way in which they can spot a good church that they should join.

What is one sign of a good church?

It has needs. Things about it that you don’t like. Obvious issues in a variety of areas. And here is the kicker – these needs should be something that you can address and meet. If a church is functioning in perfection without you, you are not needed there. If it will not change whether or not you join, don’t bother. You need to be able to make an impact. And the church needs to need you.

I get disturbed when I hear of people who find something wrong in a church and decide to depart to another church that does not have that problem. I think the better approach is to try to be a problem solver.

I always joke with people who are considering membership at Maranatha. I say, “we are not a perfect church. If you are looking for one, keep looking. And, if you ever find the perfect church, please don’t join it. You will only ruin it!” Seriously, the church is imperfect because we are imperfect people, and we are the church. If God directs you to a church and you spot imperfections, ask Him how you can be involved in making things better.

If you are at a church where you can use your gifts and abilities to improve the ministry, that is a good church. And you should become a member.

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