a change of pace

Today was a bit different for me, as will be tomorrow.

I attended and participated in a 4 hour and 35 minute funeral service today. Bishop Alonzo Palmer of the New Testament Church of God passed and today he was laid to rest. 23 pastors spoke at his memorial service. I was honored to be among them. This extended event set my usual routine on its ear. I usually lock down on Saturday to do final prep for the Sunday worship events at Maranatha Church. I pray, listen and make adjustments. Today was different. I left home at 9:15 and did not return until 5:00 or so.

All of that is OK because tomorrow’s message has continued to evolve in an unexpected way. While speaking at our Palm Beach Shores location last Sunday, I got the distinct sense that this week’s message was going a different direction. It has been doing that all week. I am still delivering part 3 of A Confident Future and still launching from Isaiah 41:10, but that’s about all that hasn’t changed.

God knows I am a scripted person. I like to plan. I like to know ahead of time what is going to happen. And sometimes, God lets me know who is driving. This weekend is one of those times.

Thanks for keeping it fresh, Lord!

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