a spilling of the beans

There has to be some benefit to you if you read my blog. So today, I am letting you in on something a few days before it becomes public. I can’t afford to buy you a steak dinner so maybe the advance info will be an OK substitute.

I have no problem keeping secrets, when it is appropriate to keep them. What I am sharing today is not a secret. It is more of an announcement. For months, we have been sharing at Maranatha Church that a big announcement is coming on Sunday, November 14. My only hesitation in sharing our announcement here today is I am concerned that some who were planning to come to church for the announcement will stay home. So we are feeding you barbeque after church on Sunday!

Here is it: (cue drum roll…)

We are changing the name of Maranatha Church to Cross Community Church.

After 43 years of Maranatha as a moniker, we think it is time to shift things up. Much prayer and strategy has gone into this but let’s keep the explanation simple: The word “Maranatha” means nothing to the people we are trying to reach. It is a foreign word (Aramaic), and we have found it to be counterproductive to the fulfillment of our vision. While we honor the history and heritage of Maranatha, Cross Community better states who we are and what we are doing. We think it will help us reach more people for Jesus.

Kudos to our leadership team, staff and Elders for their vision, support and hard work on this. Literally, years of dialogue have gone into this.

The change is risky. Some won’t like it. Some may even leave the church over the decision. But the truth is, we believe that this direction is from God. And that is the bottom line.

So, come on out to one of the worship events on Sunday. Do me a favor…if you already know the announcement, act surprised!

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