i am a leper

I have a disease that is killing me.
Leprosy is nasty flesh-eating sickness that most people think is something from back in the Bible days. But people all over the world still suffer from this deadly disease.

My disease is not a skin condition.
My disease is a sin condition.
My disease, the disease that is killing me, is more deadly than any physical ailment.
I have a type of spiritual leprosy.
Little by little, my sin disease is destroying me.
Eating me alive from the inside out.

In Luke 17, Jesus healed 10 guys who had leprosy.
If I have to have leprosy (I have no choice, I am born into sin), I want to be like the 10 guys whom Jesus healed. And He has healed me, forgiven me of my sin.

In Luke, only one of the 10 lepers bothered to come back to thank Jesus. So, if I have to be a leper and I get to be one of the 10 who are healed, I for sure want to be like the one guy who said “thanks” to Jesus.

I want to come back and get very close to the One who saved me, the One that, previously, I could only shout to from a distance.

I want to look in His eyes and say “thank you, God”.

(excerpts from today’s message at Cross Community.)

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