Secure leaders are not in need of continual applause. In fact, many effective leaders would rather not receive public recognition. On the other hand, we are not robots – an occasional “attaboy” can go a long way.

Last week, we received two very encouraging stories. The cool thing is, we received these two separate story within 3 ½ hours of each other. Without divulging the personal info of these 2 people, I will provide a couple of tidbits so you can get the idea:

“You have welcomed us into your church family with open arms and have opened our eyes to a new spiritual life with God. I can’t quite put this into words how we feel, but you have changed our lives more than you will ever know. We were very “lost” in the spiritual world for quite some time. Growing up (another faith), we were into a Sunday “ritual” but then everything went out the door the minute we walked out of the church doors. It never felt right to us and we knew we needed to make some drastic changes in our lives. This year, we are especially thankful for the two of you and for opening our hearts to Jesus Christ and for teaching us how to have a personal relationship with God.”

And another…

“I wanted to share something with you because I cannot even believe that it happened to me.

Looking back I think I knew something was missing in my life, I just did not know exactly what. When we started our family I definitely felt that something was calling me and that I was missing something. We decided to try a (worship) service and we have been coming since the beginning of June. I have accepted Jesus into my life and my life has been changing ever since.

My Doctor called me back at the end of last week with (potentially bad) news (about our unborn baby) … I was immediately devastated. I was crying and all worked up. I did not expect those results as I am sure no soon to be mother does. I could not sleep for the next few days.

Well Sunday is a day I WILL NEVER forget. In church … while we were standing up singing I felt this presence which I know was the Holy Spirit. There was a voice which was directly in my right ear and this is what I heard whispered ‘Do not worry, …, everything will be fine.’ Ever since then I have had peace … I have never had the Holy Spirit come to me and cannot even believe I was lucky enough to be graced with his presence. I know the story was long but I felt it was time to share with you.”

As you might imagine, these stories made our day, our month! We talk all the time about life-change. Well, this is it! God’s plan is working. People are being transformed!

I can’t think of anything more affirming. We are where God wants us to be and we are doing what He wants us to do. What a treasure.

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