divorce insurance

In an unrelated story… Time magazine featured an article back in September about a new kind of insurance that is gaining popularity. “WedLock, as it’s coyly named, is a new type of casualty insurance that gives the unhappily married policyholder a payout after he or she is unhitched.” Check out the story here.

I am thinking that this is very sad. With every mention of divorce, with each additional plan B that is introduced, marriage is less likely to succeed. I think prenuptial legal arrangements and divorce insurance are pretty sure ways to assure that your marriage fails. If you are not absolutely sure that the person you are marrying is the right person, DO NOT GET MARRIED. I mean if you think there is a chance that the marriage won’t last, don’t do it. Some will say, “it is impossible to know for sure.” While that is true, if you think it might not work out, it won’t. Bet on that.

I have never paid a dime in alimony or child support. I have never lost a million bucks to a former wife. I have never been sued for divorce. No credit to me. God blessed me with the right woman. If you’re still single, He has the right person for you. If you’re already married, work it out – with God’s help.

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