talk or do

The question for ministry leaders is not “what do we want to do?” but rather, “what do the people we are trying to reach need us to do?”

I came across an excellent interview which explained survey results regarding ministry to the homeless, especially during the holidays. (I think the name is in poor taste but the site is very effective) interviewed Mark Horvath, who is an advocate for the homeless and needy in America. Some of the best takeaways are…

“If we see a hurting person, pray for them and say God will take care of them, but we don’t take any action ourselves, we use prayer as an excuse to not take action ourselves.”

“We need to get our hands dirty and start caring for our neighbors”

“…people don’t need a word. They need their mortgage paid. They need food. They need jobs. Here’s the word: Shut up and do something tangible to help others.”

I appreciate the urgency with which Mark operates. I hope to be that passionate about the things God has called us to do. I try to remind myself often to stop talking so much about doing the work of Jesus and just start doing the work of Jesus.

3 Replies to “talk or do”

  1. The answer is easy, but in reality it’s very difficult to get there. I think what’s really opened my eyes is learning that God is at work all around me and that He invites me to join Him in his work, but that means I can’t stay where I am and go with God. When I decide to go, that’s when the authenticity and power of the Gospel are revealed. God works through His people to accomplish His puposes.

    The great christian writer, A.W. Tozar says it’s not praying, but obeying that is needed in the church. For if all we needed was more praying, we would have had a highway of rivival by now.

  2. I’ll have to check out that site 😉
    Talk may be cheap, but, it’s useful to flesh out the problem or determine what course of action needs to be taken.
    Without action,talking doesn’t benefit.
    Intentions are nice but actually doing something (however small) can change someone’s world.

  3. Instill a love of doing and feeling great when you do and afterwards, the heart really feels good.

    like the Nike Commercial: just do it
    or like Oprah says; Use me Lord, until I am all used up.

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