be the change

I was broken by something we saw on TV last night. ABC launched a project on 20/20 called Be the Change (  The effort is to gather the strength and resources of people in America to address the needs of malnourished children and those lacking basic health care around the world. From their site: “Be the Change: Save a Life is devoted to gathering stories, offering solutions, and acting as a clearing-house for people who want to know more, get involved, or volunteer.” They shared several powerful stories of people who are making a huge difference, one family or village at a time.  I encourage you to watch the related videos and do something.

The very encouraging thing to me was the emphasis on what great change can come from such a small investment of time and money. People are in place and trying to help these kids, but they need support.  ABC and supporting agencies have established a very simple process whereby anyone can get involved, it is totally streamlined.

One of the videos strikes close to home. The children featured in ‘Tortillas and Coffee’ as Baby Food? are from Guatemala, in fact, some of them from Antigua, a city I have visited many times. Our daughter and her husband run an orphanage just 15 minutes from Antigua. As much great work as they are doing, there are still so many kids who need the help that we can provide.

Take a look and do what God is telling you to do.


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